Buyer / Borrower

Congratulations on your pending purchase of real estate. The process of buying a home can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. An experienced title company can help you through the process. When you purchase a new home, you want to ensure that there are no problems with the biggest investment of your lifetime. Title insurance protects your investment.

Why do you need Title Insurance?

Without a title insurance policy, you may not be fully protected against errors in public records, hidden defects not disclosed by the public records or errors in examination of the title of your new property. As a result, you may be held fully accountable for any prior liens, judgments or claims against your new property. However, your policy insures that if such an occasion arises, you will be defended free of charge against all covered claims and insured for the amount of the policy. With a title insurance policy from Floridian Title, backed by two of the most reputable insurance underwriters in the country, you need never worry that your new property’s history will tarnish your bright future

There are two types of title insurance policies. The first type is known as an “Owner’s Policy” which is necessary to protect you in your transaction. The second type of title insurance is a “Loan Policy” which insures the priority of the lender’s security interest over the claims that others may have in the property. If you are refinancing, your lender will also require a new Title Policy in their name. For those clients who are building a new home, an Owner’s Policy is needed for protection against any claims brought forth against the land or by contractors who may have a lien on the property for unpaid services.

In preparation for Closing, we need the following from you:

  • Your Name and address as you want it on the deed.
  • Your Homeowners/Hazard Insurance policy information
  • Lender contact information (if any)
  • Copies of any relevant Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney or Corporate Documents related to the Buyer/Borrower.
  • Whether you want us to order a survey.
  • If you will not be present at closing then you will need to notify us that this will be a mail-away closing. We can arrange for a notary to meet you if necessary to execute your documents.
  • If you are the only person on title and you are married, then your spouse will probably need to attend closing to sign closing and transfer documents.

Prior to Closing you should arrange for the following:

  • Insurance coverage for your home
  • Transfer of Utilities into your name (water, electric, cable, etc.)
  • Transfer or new service of other services (pool, yard, etc.)

Please bring the following to the Closing:

  • One form of Photo identification as well as a second form of identification
  • Funds for Closing in the amount shown on your Closing Statement.
  • Your personal checkbook to cover any last minute adjustments to the Closing Statement at Closing
  • Copy of the Declaration Page of your Homeowner’s/Hazard Insurance policy
  • Any documents you were instructed to bring to your Closing by your Mortgage Lender (e.g. tax returns, pay stubs, proof of sale, etc.